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Rytmos is a veritable delight for the music-loving puzzle gamer
9/10 – Pocket Tactics

Rytmos is an excellent puzzle game. One of the best I've played in ages
"Essential" - Eurogamer

The game succeeds spectacularly and leaves very little to be wanting
10/10 – Try Hard Guides


Solve Puzzles With
Sound Bending Mechanics

Rytmos Is A Relaxing Puzzle Game, Where You Create Music While Solving Puzzles

Travel From Planet To Planet In A Musical Universe And Explore The Hidden Music Inside Each Sun System

Explore Music From Different
Parts Of The World

During The Game You Will Explore Music Inspired By Zimbabwean Kalimba-Music, Ethiopian Jazz From The 60S, German Electronic Music From The 70’S, Japanese Environmental Music From The 80S, Traditional Indonesian Gamelan Ensemble Music, 8Bit Music And Much More

Unlock Instruments to Jam Along With the Music of Rytmos

As You Play You Will Unlock Musical Instruments Or Modifiers That Lets You Play And Modify The Loops You Created On The Planets. Find Instruments Such As Kalimbas, Percussion Instruments, Synthesizers, Asian String Instruments And Others